• “For All Your Coaching 2 Counselling Needs.”

    “For All Your Coaching 2 Counselling Needs.”

    Get Unstuck, Balance Your Work-Life, Create Healthy Relationships, Set And Achieve Your Goals, Personal Development & Much More....

Change starts with you.Breaking through limiting beliefs.

Get results in only 6 weekly sessions.

We Offer These For You

Counselling Sessions

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Counselling is a talking therapy where we address issues holding you back, past and present hurts. As a counselling practitioner, I help you to address your problems in a positive way by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness. 

Managing Anxiety, Depression and other Debilitating Emotions

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There are many simple and effective ways to manage fears and anxieties. Within our sessions, we see tremendous emotional and mental breakthroughs.

Teen Personal Development Skills Course. (Virtual)

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Through our Teen Personal Development Skills Course, we help build Self-esteem, Self-confidence & Resilience within your teen.

In this exciting course, the teen child learns how to Communicate Effectively, Unlearn Toxic Habits and how to Grow from every Failure or Rejection. And so much more!!!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy helps people understand and challenge thoughts that negatively impact their behavior. 

It takes place over a fixed number of sessions and is a solution-focused type of therapy.

It helps with issues such as Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Improves Self-esteem, and helps clients to "Read" their emotions and distinguish healthy from unhealthy feelings that bring about pain within their lives.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be the catalyst and fuel to power some powerful long-lasting positive changes within you.

Being able to acknowledge the uniqueness within yourself and other people. Your untapped potential will instantly become available to you.

Some benefits are Clarity in your Vision, Purpose, and Value as a person. NLP will strengthen your leadership capabilities and problem-solving skills.

Motivational Speaker for Schools, Youth Events & Women Empowerment

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As a Motivational Speaker, my mission is to inspire and introduce new and different perspectives that will encourage growth and transformation within my audiences.

The intention is not only to inspire but also to provide practical Tools and Skills for personal transformation. 

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What's your purpose

Are you feeling stuck?

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Are you in a job that makes you unhappy? You don’t feel like getting up in the morning...


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It is a good idea to meet up with a Professional Coach or Counsellor and discuss your current situation...

Still not sure?

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Just take a reflective moment, and add up what it will cost you, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially...

Solutions tailored to fit your world

“Start doing the things that you are passionate about now, only this will bring you the fulfilment and inner peace you deserve, and which we all crave for as human beings.”

Service Prices

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This Includes Coaching & Counselling Sessions.

Meet the Founder

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Nazley Delport

As a CBT & Counselling Practitioner, as well as a Certified Life Coach, it is my mission to help my clients heal, breakthrough limiting beliefs and assist them on their personal development journey. Working together as a team, you will unequivocally achieve your desired outcome.

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