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Counselling Sessions

Wthin the Counseling session we deal with past emotional hurts that are possibly keeping you bound today still.

Counselling is a talk therapy that will help break free from your hurts and we put in place strategies to move you forward in a healthy and productive way. Through the sessions you will find relief of heaviness and confusion and find the clarity that you need to create a healthier and happier life for yourself.
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Managing Fears, Doubt and other Debilitating Emotions.

There are many simple and effective ways to manage fear and anxiety. You will learn tools to help you overcome anxiety.

Get unstuck and put processes in place that will move you beyond what is holding you back. Whether it is personally or professionally. I am your partner in breaking free from fear and walk in confidence and freedom.
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Teen Mentorship Program (Virtual Classes)

Developmental Tools and Skills to Build Your Child’s Mental and Emotional Strength.

Subjects Includes:
Identity + Positive Self-Talk + Self-Esteem + EQ + Effective Communication Skills + Handling Failure + Stress & Anxiety Management + Leadership Skills + Etiquette + Self-Motivation 
Through our program teens overcome anxiety, low moods, and limiting beliefs. We deal with all current teen issues to ensure for a healhtier, happier child.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Within Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we break down every limiting belief. You will learn how to renew your mind, as well as become emotionally stronger so you may adopt a more positive and healthier outlook of the world and yourself.

It all starts within. When we change from within our whole world around us changes too. We learn how to put our needs first. Get unstuck from the limiting thinking patterns you may be holding on to.
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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming is a pseudoscientific approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy.

We apply practical tools to help you move out of the undesireable space you may be stuck in, and move toward the desired goals for your life.
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Motivational Speaker for Schools, Retail & Corporate Events.

As a motivational speaker I facilitate various events such as Women Empowerment and Team Building. I specialize in the area of Youth Development, and through my sessions I build the Mental and Emotional Health of my audience . 

I speak at schools as well as youth events. My mission is to inspire and transfrom my audience and leave them wanting to change the areas in their lives which needs improving.