Have you ever left a conversation thinking, "Oh boy, that was all about him/her."?

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To avoid feeling disappointed, especially when you have something important you need to bounce off someone, or share with someone,

know what needs you’d like to have met in any given conversation, and choose the right person to fill that role for you. If it's not a good time, wait for the right time, so you can have their full attention.

We all know the strengths and weaknesses of the people in our lives, who are close to us. What they are like, and what they bring to the table. Choose wisely, so you don’t walk away with feelings of resentment, or upset. Another way is to say verbatim, “I need to talk about something, I need your full attention and support, as this is something important to me. Can you be that for me?” This could be the start of a great new way of communicating. Often we dive into something deep that the other person was in no way prepared for. In order to get out of the conversation what we need, let’s ensure the stage is set for the kind of conversation, and listening we need from our partner, friend or colleague.



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