Do You Really Love Yourself?

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Who are the people you constantly hang out with? Who are the people constantly calling you up, wanting your time and energy? Are you guarding your peace, or do you find yourself stressing and anxious because of the people you are spending your time with?

It doesn’t matter if it’s family or lifelong friends, you need to recognize the source of your unrest. Just because they are inviting you, doesn’t mean you have to show up. Just because they want you there, doesn’t mean you need to be there. Absolutely NOT. Don’t be so available to those who keep stealing your peace. In fact, don’t be available at all. The little you may think you are getting from the situation, like: a crappy friendship, surface level companionship, trinkets and things, these are not worth the suffering for. Don’t show up for those who keep taking from you. Those who are taking away from your value, your worth, your peace of mind, your confidence, your self-esteem and your dreams.

All you will eventually be left with are EMOTIONAL, MENTAL or SPIRITUAL setbacks.

You are ENOUGH, to be treated with love and respect. You need to learn to love yourself ENOUGH, by setting clear boundaries for yourself. This may require an entire lifestyle change, but if you want a better life for yourself, you need to ask the hard questions and make the hard, better choices. IT IS SO WORTH IT!

Ask yourself the question. Are the people I give my time to, a reflection of me 'LOVING MYSELF' or 'NOT LOVING MYSELF'? You have a CHOICE. You have the choice to choose YOU.

That is how you know you LOVE YOURSELF.

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