It is absolutely ok to say “I need you”.

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We are living in a culture where it is perpetuated that we are most strong when we don’t need anything from anyone.

But that is so far from the truth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing other people.

Sarah Jakes puts beautifully, “If we are always building and trying to get to a place where we don’t need anyone, all we are doing is shutting ourselves off, and all we are doing is becoming an island.” No man or woman was made to be an island.

We can’t build deep and meaningful relationships convincing ourselves, that we don’t need anyone. A statement like “I don’t need you, but I want you in my life.” Is 100% from a place of insecurity, a place of fear, a place of not wanting to get hurt again. A place where you have been hurt and disappointed so many times, that you rather stay closed off. And as much as that is understandable, you are denying yourself the chance to build something truly beautiful with another human being.

If this is something you can relate to, it is time you go within, forgive those who have hurt you, so that the healing and restoration process can begin. How long do you still want to hold to your past hurts? Your pain is worth nothing to you, but it's costing you so much. Your past hurts, steals your peace every single day you choose to hold on to it. Set yourself free and forgive. Forgiving others is not letting them off the hook, but rather giving yourself freedom, and letting yourself off the hook. 

Those past hurts and disappointments are not your fault, it happened to you, done by people who were not worthy of you, and that’s all on them.  

Practice wisdom and stop rushing into relationships and friendships. Get to know who you are investing your love and time into. If they add toward your personal growth, and your values are aligned, then by all means go for it.



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